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Most of us in the recruiting field realize that our jobs have become quite monotonous. Doing the same thing for several years can take a serious toll on one’s ability to think, perform and excel. Nevertheless, there is one silver lining to this gamut and that is the candidates that you and I come across each day. I have realized time and again that coming across interesting candidates is what keeps me going day after day. Here is an example: I came across a candidate just recently who was a recruiter – a top notch recruiter for the US Army for about 20 years. He did very well being a recruiter and was named one of the best Army Recruiter in the country. After retiring from the military, he turned his career and life around 180 degrees in ways that I was both amazed and impressed. He started his new professional life in IT, something entirely different that what he was doing for the past 20 years. Today, he works for the largest software company in the world and is well sought after for projects in his field. I think it takes a lot of courage and commitment to turn around your life this way. To me his is an ultimate example of commitment and will power. There are others that I have come across, who have done remarkable work in their fields like writing algorithms for the missile defense system, writing books and playing an important role during the cold war etc. But one common denominator with all these candidates is that they all love to share their experiences and knowledge with others who are interested in knowing more about them. They are storytellers in a way, coming from a wide variety of backgrounds; bringing with them a very unique set of skills and stories from their past. While talking to these candidates, you sometimes drift away from the recruiting process to your own benefit – in establishing a better working relationship with these candidates and at the same time learning about things that you wouldn’t have otherwise. And I think that’s what keep us going as as recruiters in this recruiting life!


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