Book Review: A Recruiter’s Guide by Carol Martin

Posted: January 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

Greetings and Happy  New Year!

My interest in learning more about online searches using Google and other search engines led me to “A Recruiter’s Guide” by Carol M. Martin on I bought this book for a hefty price tag of about $79 and was surprised when I received my copy! Its as a slim, spiral bound, 74 page book that looked like it was printed at home or home office using a good quality printer; something that looked like a well-done graduate school paper . Honestly, I was slightly disappointed seeing the cover and quality of the of book itself, but as I started reading through it; I found it very interesting and useful.

In ten concise chapters, Carol does a very good job in explaining how free online sources could be used to do effective searches. She talks about Google, Linkedin, Mylife, Jigsaw, Myspace and a few other tools. She does an excellent job at giving examples by mentioning those searches and guiding the reader through a step by step process. Her approach to a topic is very easy to understand and the book does a great job at explaining how to efficiently use Linkedin and Google to search for candidates. The book however fails to mention anything about Twitter. I wish Carol could talk a little bit about Twitter as Twitter is considered to be an important tool in our toolkit.

All things considered, this is a great book and a very  practical guide to get you and me started on online searches.


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