Recruiting – An art or science?

Posted: January 28, 2010 in Boolean Black Belt, Recruiting in 3D, recruitment, talent acquisition, Uncategorized
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Is recruiting an art or science?

Most of us have never paused to think about this but as I start to dive deeper into recruiting models, methodologies and doctrines; its starting to become clear that recruiting is a “subject” in itself.  A field of study, which is not merely a practice but a subject backed by a body of knowledge.  Lack of formal training and non-availability of ample training programs in the field has also kept us away from thinking of recruiting as a “subject”.

While a majority of us have known recruiting as simply a practice or profession at the operational level; USAREC – US Army’s Recruiting Command, stands out in treating recruiting as a subject  and in satisfactorily answering the above question.  USAREC not only provides manpower to America’s army but also transforms exceptional soldiers into A Class Recruiters. Backed by a formal training program and book of knowledge, this institution has mastered the art of generating successful results through its recruiters. Their recruiting doctrine clearly defines recruiting as both an Art and Science.

“At the headquarters, USAREC practices almost pure science: Demographics, market share, and so on. In the station, recruiters practice almost pure art. Recruiters use their interpersonal and conceptual skills to win over America’s young people and promote the merits of Army service”- Army recruiting manual 3-0.



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