Meeting Candidates – Skype Style!

Posted: April 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

We have come a long way from considering in-person interviews as indispensable to treating phone interviews as the only way to recruit candidates. From flying-in candidates for that final interview to flying-out to meet candidates; recruiting has constantly kept us engaged with its ever-changing “ways”.

With dollars assigned for flying-to and flying-in the candidates almost gone; we have resorted to meeting candidates online. We have been using Skype for sometime now and have found it to be the best “low-cost” way to meet your candidates. Its practically free! Skype also gives an opportunity for the candidate to meet the representative (s) of the company that he or she will be working for. I have used skype for several years now and have seen the quality of audio-video improve significantly since these features were introduced. There is one small drawback though – while Skype is allows several people to conference in a call; it only allows the webcam feature for two. I hope they will add multiple cam functionality in future.

Skype was founded in 2003 and has grown rapidly since then. It’s based in Luxembourg, with offices in Europe, the US and Asia. According to their website; at peak times, there are up to 20 million people online.

Its real time, easy and quick. Try it! If you haven’t tried it yet. You will love it. Its an extra step but I think its great to put a face to the voice and know your candidate as a person rather than just the voice.  I think, its an incredible way to add value to your recruiting process in this recruiting life.

  1. Tom Furlong says:

    Skype also offers a low cost method of communicating/recruiting in overseas markets- even if by voice contact only. It will be interesting to see how/if Google+ with it’s multi-user video capability will effect Skype in the area of video conferencing among several participants.

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