Recruiters! Are we really connected or a mere presence on the web?

Posted: October 20, 2010 in Boolean Black Belt, hire, hiring, Recruiting in 3D, recruitment, talent acquisition, Uncategorized
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We have, over the last couple of years understood the immense potential that connecting with others has. In fact, we have known about benefits of networking all  along; internet has just made it easier. We are all on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Plaxo, Jigsaw and a million other sites. We obsessively  check our mails and phones for mails, tweets, updates, texts etc. We are breathing interactive media and living it every minute of our lives.

But amidst all this chaos and activity, we should perhaps pause for a moment and ask ourselves this question – As recruiters- are we truly connected or are we a mere presence on the web? I have asked this question to myself several times and I am diligently working on answering it! I remind myself again and again that for me as a recruiter, every connection is important. As important as the other one! I also remind myself that off-line etiquette also applies on-line. Here are some pointers for us to reflect upon.

Initiate connecting with as many relevant people as you can: Successful recruiters go where candidates are and so why shy away from connecting with any lead or candidate or recruiter. Take a leap and send an invitation. You never know how this connection might be able to help you in future. You will look back someday and give yourself a pat on the back.

Be open to connecting with others: Received an invitation to connect! Don’t know the person! Not sure what to do! These are some of the questions that run through my mind when I receive an invitation to connect over social media. If you are worried about privacy; keep your personal accounts separate from professional. Its also a good idea to open two facebook, my space or twitter accounts. That way your family is separated from your work. Going back to that invitation; take a moment and look at this person’s profile. Everyone has something tangible or intangible that we can benefit from. On Linkedin please don’t “I Dont Know this  person” (IDK) anyone. Ignore or archive but 5 IDKs will blacklist this person who is simply trying to connect with you. Also, Off-line etiquette applies to all on-line interactions. If you receive an email from a connection seeking help or advice; please reply back. I am sure if you are in need and need help; you would expect the same from others. And also because that’s what we would do under normal circumstances.

Say Hello! Just a quick “hello” can go a long way. Say hello to your candidates and connections once in a while. Its hard to stay in touch with people, when you have 500+ connections or several hundred friends on social networking sites. But a quick  thumbs up to their posting or reply to their posting will definitely help in staying connected.

Please Don’t Spam! Its easy to get carried away when you are connected to a large community of professionals. Please don’t send repeated emails to people asking them to fill out questionnaires and polls. Please don’t send them requisitions and requests again and again. No one in your professional network wants to know what you had for breakfast or what your kids have achieved at school or that you are coming home after 2 weeks. Please don’t end up alienating people in your network or very soon you will see people fleeing your network.

Convert! On-line contacts are great but if you are connected with people in the local area, then why not meet them. That applies to meeting with other recruiters and candidates or really anyone with similar work or interest as you have. Sit down with them and convert that contact from an on-line to a real life contact. Meeting people one on one will give you an idea about what they are doing, about the industry or region or understand what is new in recruiting. We have all known all along that there are numerous benefits of knowing a person in-person than online. And so lets take that first step.

Finally, as recruiters let’s enjoy connecting and make long lasting workable relationships.  In this recruiting life; lets not be a mere presence on the web!


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