Book Review: Behavior-Based Interviewing by Terry L. Fitzwater

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Boolean Black Belt, hire, hiring, Recruiting in 3D, recruitment, talent acquisition
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Book Review: Behavior-Based Interviewing – Terry L. Fitzwater

Behavior-Based Interviewing.Behavior-Based Interviewing is a  Thompson Course Technology’s Crisp Fifty Minute Series book. And indeed, it is a crisp fifty minute read – quick, simple with ample information for interviewers across the board. Terry’s approach to interviewing is step-by-step with enough examples to get the point across. There are 4 phases in the book (Chapters) filled with tips, glossary, examples and scales to assess the interviewee and interviewer. Nice to also have are the 200 behavior based questions and appendices (appendixes) at end of the book.

Overall it’s a great read for someone to get some basic but ample information on behavioral based interviewing.

About the Author: “Terry L. Fitzwater is a principal with Fitzwater Leadership Consulting with principle office in California. He has authored three books in the Manager’s Pocket Guide Series: Preventing Sexual Harassment, Documenting Employee Performance, and Employee Relations. He is also the author of Preparing for the behavior-based interview. He is a frequent speaker and university instructor, an instructs on-site business classes in performance management, employee relations, and other topics”.


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