To job seekers on – some tips from my recruiting desk!

Posted: June 14, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Dear Job Seeker,

You are looking for a job and we are most certainly looking for you! Whether you are an active or a passive job seeker, please make sure  that we find you cause we are in some ways your key to that exciting job.

Lets talk about  today- the giant professional network. Why because linkedin is the single largest presence on web that is all about business and network. According to, about 4 Million people  in the US and 9 Million people across the globe visit the site  almost everyday. These are all professionals wanting to connect with others. Just a simple search for the word Recruiter in Linkedin brings 363,754   results (6/14/11). That’s amazing cause that’s how many of us are there on linkedin looking for people like you. Mentioned below are some tips that will help you in your job search.

1. Take the first step:  Open an account on Linkedin – Your profile on Linkedin is your very own free “professional web page”.

2. Content: Add content to your profile that is clear, precise and professional. Its your resume online!

3. Picture: Add a picture to your profile.  Avoid pictures from the party or you holding a beer bottle or at the beach. Also avoid pictures of your pets. A nice looking picture will complete your profile.

4. Contact information: Very important! You are looking for a job and so provide some kind of contact for recruiters to reach you. Email/phone – whatever you are comfortable with. If you are worried about your privacy, please create a new email address just for your job search- creating an email id on yahoo, google or anywhere else is free- you pick. This is very important cause it will allow recruiters to send you an email directly. With no contact information on the profile, it becomes difficult for recruiters to reach out to third degree contacts.

5. Connect: Linkedin provides you with an opportunity to connect with other professionals and so start connecting with people you know and then people they know and extend your network.  Please be polite and courteous if you are sending an invitation to someone you don’t know. Ask if they are accepting any invitations and be okay if they don’t accept your invitation. Connect with people in TOPLINKED.COM group on Linkedin. Also look for LION and OPEN NETWORKERS and connect with them. This is the easiest way to get connected to a large number of professionals.

6. Groups: Join groups in your field of work or that interest you. Recruiter post tons of jobs on these groups everyday. We also look for candidates on these groups. Groups are also good for discussions in your field. You can post discussions in your field of expertise and know what others are talking about via weekly or daily digest.  Click on “my settings” within the group to change these settings.

7. Phone numbers or email address: Jump at the opportunity to get in touch with a recruiter. Some recruiters mention their phone numbers or email addresses for candidates to reach them. Please don’t hesitate to call cause that’s what they want you to do. Its better than sending your resume and waiting to hear back.

8. Companies: Most companies have pages on Linkedin. Follow them if you are interested in what they do. Choose your notification settings to make sure that you receive updates about their job postings.  You can change your settings to get weekly or daily updates.

9. Participate and Help: Participation is important to become visible. Hiring managers and recruiters do come across any or all information you are publish on the web, groups, boards etc. And so please participate on linkedin groups by posting questions or answering questions or surveys. Help others in your network and seek help. After all that’s what social professional networking is all about.

10. Don’t lose hope: and other social media sites may look complicated but these are out there to help you and us. For us to meet others with similar background and interests. Play with it and I am sure you will find it very useful not only to find jobs but also to make great friends and learn new things.

Enjoy Recruiting!


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