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Pursuit for an ideal candidate is not uncommon in our recruiting world. I am sure we have all experienced the following:
1. Our managers and our hiring managers have all insisted for ideal or perfect candidates at some point or other.
2. We have squandered away many hours and excellent opportunities to work with simply “fine” candidates on several occasions.
3. We ignore perfectly fine candidates and are sent on these missions to find that “ideal” someone almost on a regular basis.

Although, most of us have come to terms with the reality that there is “no ideal candidate”; it puzzles me that a large population of our hiring managers is still clutching on to the hopes of finding that ideal ONE. Here are some guesses as to why:

Find the “Perfect” Mindset: The hiring manager has set expectations from candidates and if they fall below that then they are not good enough.

Here is how Merriam – Webster defines “Perfect”:
a : being entirely without fault or defect : flawless
b : satisfying all requirements : accurate
c : corresponding to an ideal standard or abstract concept

While it’s okay to have a mindset of finding “The Perfect one”; the reality is that no one really fits the definition! It is a subjective term!

Too Many Choices: Too many choices confuse the heck out of us whether it’s standing and staring at an isle in the supermarket with hundreds of soup cans or simply a set of candidate resumes on our desk! I have seen managers staring at resumes of ten candidates that they have interviewed and not being able to make a decision.

The Next One: The hope of “perhaps the next one will be the one” is also a common practice with hiring managers who are unable to make a decision quickly. We have seen this time and again that hiring managers get into this frenzy of interviewing one candidate after another. The problem with this approach is that the next one may not be as good as the one who was interviewed perhaps three months ago before the last two candidates and after the 10th candidate!!! The next candidate may also only have 50% of the skills required and may not have 35% of the skills that 70% candidates have had!!! Not a good situation for either the business, hiring manager or the recruiting team.

Skepticism: It is the state of suspended judgment or systematic doubt as the literal definition says. In business world, we call it the inability to arrive at a decision quickly and live with it. “Maybe – Maybe Not” is the problem here. Too many hiring managers fear – what if this person does not work out! What if this person fails to do the job! What if I am held responsible for this failure! And hence the search for that perfect one.  And saga of interviewing continues.

Unfortunately, all of the above leads to an unfilled spot and more:

1. Business is directly impacted by the delay in hiring.
2. Due to ongoing search the morale of recruiting team goes down over a period of time.
3. The talent pool shrinks as there are not many candidates to be interviewed.
5. If its a high impact position and if the process goes on for months; the company loses its credibility in the market – as candidates eventually start talking about the fact that position has been open for a long time and the company cannot make a decision.
6. And finally, candidates who fit 80% of bill and are excited about the job, eventually lose interest and move on.

After all is said and done, I am sure most of you will agree that the pursuit for an ideal or perfect candidate is futile.

While Superman is highly desirable, I think ordinary people who meet most of the requirements should be able to do any job!

Enjoy Recruiting!